Monday, June 3, 2013

Watch PGT Season 4 Grandwinner (Roel Manlangit)

Watch PGT Season 4 Grandwinner Roel Manlangit (Grand Finals Performance)

Congratulations! Roel Manlangit of PGT Season 4 Grandwinner, at age of eight (8) as three(3) on five(5) siblings he experienced and know what does a family broken means as Roel's Parents left him due to a family problem but the reason is still clueless for this young child. Their dearest home were washed-out by typhoon Pablo even his dvd player got damaged who were dear to him likewise other appliances. Due to this case Roel Manlangit did not give-up to lose his dreams at his young age, singing in acapella for his everyday practice to enhance his vocals. His good neighborhood named Arlyn Arban builds temporary shelter for him near swamp and adopted sooner as a true little brother. God's gift and the people around him who help and support him is his only key for every circumstance that face him everyday a dream about winning to build their house likewise restore their appliances due to mutilation of typhoon Pablo.

As I reminiscent, we face such struggled for now, short of financials is the main problem which we face on until now but once again even in our area there was Arlyn Arban who helps us on such matters. How many Arlyn Arban have on our land, how many Arlyn Arban saves the lives of young and innocents. I hope this was the beginning to help others in other beautiful ways.

Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) is his only option to help his family and for the said restoration of their house, so that even strong typhoon got no chance against destruction again. This is the only hope on a thirteen (13) years old child's paths, believing on himself, Gods will and self confidence are additional words for his guidance of success. Season 4 on PGT (ABS-CBN Channel 2), Roel Manlangit rushed for his dreams and that dreams were continuously hoping as the Judges (Ai-ai Delas Alas, Kris Aquino and known as FMG,) astounded as they heard his pure singing talent and a homeless boy steals the talent show.

Roel Manlangit first shown on youtube tried out on singing competition singing on the street entitled “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston and everybody amazed and shocked for the power revealed on his vocals. He did not know that there was a man watched him and recorded his voice while singing and the video hits more than thousand for only three (3) days.


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