Thursday, July 5, 2012

Typhoon Names in the Philippines 2012

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Administration or PAGASA already offered the list of names of the typhoons that will hit the Philippine Area of Responsibility this year 2012. The official names of the typhoons are arranged alphabetically as it happens after the other.This year we are expecting a wet 2012 considering that an average of 20 storms to visit the country every year. The name of the first typhoon begins with letter A and ends with letter Y.

Official lists of names of typhoons that might hit the Philippines in 2012.
·         Ambo
·         Butchoy
·         Carina
·         Dindo
·         Enteng
·         Frank
·         Gener
·         Helen
·         Igme
·         Julian
·         Karen
·         Lawin
·         Marce
·         Nina
·         Ofel
·         Pablo
·         Quinta
·         Rolly
·         Siony
·         Tonyo
·         Ulysses
·         Vicky
·         Warren
·         Yoyong


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