Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Illegal Logging

Illegal logging is wood harvesting that is not license to cut from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). A processing and trading of wood that do not conform to law to cut the wood especially those trees that is old. Illegalities occur right through the chain from source to consumer, the harvesting procedure itself may be illegal, including corrupt means to gain access to forests, extraction without permission or from a protected area, cutting of protected species or extraction of timber in excess of agreed limits. Illegalities may also occur during transport, including illegal processing and export from other country.

What are the effects of Illegal Logging?
·         Illegal Logging is the major factor in flood devastation
·         Illegal Logging negatively impacts the economic and ecological systems
·         The direct effect of illegal logging in our air is the air pollution
·         It is a source landslide and flood.
·         the rapid loss of primary forest
·         It brings direct air pollution
·         the loss of biodiversity and fuelling climate

Below is an example of images of Illegal Logging:

Below is an example of images and effects of Illegal Logging:



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